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Free CME unit now available.


Early Detection and Diagnosis of Scleroderma:
Educating Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health Professionals

for primary care physicians, nurses practitioners, nurses
and other allied health professionals.

In collaboration with the Office of Continuing Medical Education at Michigan Medicine with generous support
from the Scleroderma Foundation of California and the Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Chicago.

What Sets Us Apart?

We educate
health care providers.

Diagnosing scleroderma can be challenging and take years to receive an accurate diagnosis.


Our Continuing Medical Education educates healthcare professionals about the early signs and symptoms of systemic sclerosis, which can result in a referral to the proper specialist.


Identifying the issues early helps patients get better treatment for a better quality of life.

We support global
peer-reviewed scleroderma research.

We are the North American partner of the World Scleroderma Foundation, dedicated to advancing global research.


Our alliance supports pioneering scleroderma research, aiding emerging and established investigators for better understanding and treatment.

Together, we aim to push boundaries and improve scleroderma understanding, treatment and management of the disease, offering hope to those affected by systemic sclerosis.

We educate pharma and biotech companies about scleroderma therapies.

Scleroderma Apex, backed by the Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium, is a top non-CME event.


The event connects pharmaceutical and biotech industry leaders with global experts of systemic sclerosis.


Working together, they focus on insights leading to new treatments and therapies for systemic sclerosis.


Highlights thought leaders discuss include scleroderma pathology, lung disease, intervention targets, trial design challenges and recent trial insights.

We represent
World Scleroderma Foundation's mission
in North America.

Our mission includes a comprehensive strategy to enhance global research efforts, ultimately improving the quality of life and well-being of individuals affected by scleroderma.

We fulfill this commitment by supporting global research initiatives, fostering patient-centric, peer-reviewed research and promoting collaboration with scleroderma organizations and international societies.

Our aim is to drive impactful change, empower individuals and communities impacted by scleroderma and contribute significantly to the global comprehension and management of this complex, rare disease.

We Support the Mission of the
World Scleroderma Foundation
in North America

World Scleroderma Foundation, based in Switzerland, is dedicated to advancing and promoting scleroderma research globally. Our mission is to support patient-centric research, both independently and in collaboration with global organizations and societies dedicated to scleroderma.

World Scleroderma Foundation provides comprehensive support through project grants, expert advisory panels and extensive knowledge dissemination. Friends of World Scleroderma Foundation recognizes the immense value of patient groups and allied health professionals as integral components of our organizational structure.

In pursuit of similar goals and objectives, Friends of World Scleroderma Foundation proudly collaborates with the World Scleroderma Foundation. Together, our reach extends beyond North America, championing the cause of scleroderma research worldwide.

Journey to Diagnosis

Many individuals living with scleroderma face a common challenge: a lengthy journey to an accurate diagnosis.

Motivated by this widespread concern, we are diligently developing an innovative Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. Our current objective is to expedite the diagnostic process, ensuring that individuals receive timely diagnoses and begin treatments and therapies that have the potential to enhance their quality of life.

In April 2023, Friends of World Scleroderma introduced a groundbreaking, free CME program. This initiative aims to provide primary care physicians, internists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals with comprehensive knowledge about the early signs and symptoms of scleroderma.

By enhancing their understanding, we aim to empower healthcare providers to detect and address scleroderma in its early stages, facilitating swifter interventions and improving patient outcomes.

There are a lot of us with autoimmune diseases who desperately need someone to recognize our symptoms...

Beverly Townsley, Michigan

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